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Ouronyx is not only the most prestigious facial aesthetics’ address in the world, it is a vision that changes the way people imagine and experience beauty. Every element of your journey has been considered to create a truly cutting-edge experience. Medical expertise, a scientific approach and a deeply personal patient experience are the beating heart of this centre of excellence. From the moment you step in, the large, airy space will instil a sense of luxury and calm.

  • Relaxation

    From the moment we welcome a client into our relaxing space, the entire team is dedicated to making each aesthetics’ experience utterly unique and personal. There is no formal waiting room, rather plush sofas, digital works by artist Dominic Harris and a concierge service dedicated to making your experience as comfortable as possible.

  • Discovery

    Ouronyx understands that the emotional aspect of facial procedures cannot be understated. Upon checking into the clinic, your journey will begin with a personal reflection, which incorporates psychology and sociology into the consultation process for the first time. Insights in your emotional, behavioural and social goals, next to your physical ones, will inform our doctors how best to treat you and ensure you get the powerful results you desire.

  • Science

    Ouronyx is proud to be among the first to use a state-of-the-art 3D visualisation system that allows the medical team to measure everything from wrinkle depth, percentage of volume and skin texture in the most minute detail. Throughout the process, interactive screens on the walls help doctors to explain any treatment, while empowering clients to make the best decisions for their goals.

  • Consultation

    Ouronyx has carefully selected the most experienced and inspiring global team of medical experts. Each of them uses aesthetic and anatomical assessments and years of aesthetic experience to create the ideal treatment for every individual.

  • Treatment

    All our treatments are low risk, non-invasive and involve minimal recovery time. Most importantly, they are big on results as they provide you with a fresh, relaxed and completely natural look.

  • Aftercare

    Post-procedure, a make-up artist will apply a subtle veil of medical make-up so that you can face the world confidently.


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