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Ouronyx is a brand new facial aesthetics clinic built around the concept of less is more.
Ouronyx is more than a clinic, it's a movement: towards patient education, but also empowerment
A new bar's been set… for skincare. It's called Ouronyx and it's the Hermes of facial aesthetics.
Ouronyx allows the client to build a bespoke treatment plan. It is a private boutique that enhances your face
This really is a new age of skin-deep aesthetics
What We Do

Our Story

Ouronyx is redefining the medical beauty space as the first global destination focused exclusively on non-surgical facial treatments, where our medical experts, luxurious surroundings and a bespoke approach meet to create an elevated client experience. Using state-of-the-art technology our doctors will assess your face holistically and devise a personal care plan that focuses on your individual needs. All in a setting with plush, elegant interiors and concierge service that is more akin to a five-star hotel or private members’ club.

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A Journey of Self Discovery

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Ouronyx offers exclusively non-invasive treatments that can yield powerfully transformative results. Subtle in every way, our approach to face is more holistic; a philosophy that aims to harmonise the features rather than remodel them. A more modern solution, our treatments work for who you are, optimising a result that’s beautifully you: alive with life and animated expression.

Your Journey Step By Step
Our Team

Doctor-Led Aesthetics

We carefully selected the most experienced and inspiring team of doctors in the field of facial aesthetics globally. Our visionary doctors were chosen for their passion and brilliance; helping to set the gold standard for the business and the industry around the world. We are equally proud of their expertise as their rigour to apply our proprietary protocols that far exceed industry standards in safety and consistency of outcomes.

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Our Treatments

Using state-of-the-art technology and invaluable insights into your goals, our doctors will curate a treatment plan that looks at your face as a whole. Our treatments are non-invasive and involve minimal recovery time. Most importantly, they are big on results. The outcome is still you – but a happier, more radiant version.

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