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At Ouronyx, we believe you should be very much involved in your treatment plan, a partnership of self-optimisation. Your facial aesthetics doctor will provide a bespoke treatment and care plan, with follow up calls, support and check-ins all part of the deal. Enjoy the results!

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The Doctors

Dr Nestor Demosthenous

Dr Nestor’s background is in Trauma and Orthopaedic surgery. He was a senior clinical fellow in the NHS until 2013 and has been practising aesthetics in Edinburgh for the last 10-years. He is a big believer in lifestyle medicine, making small incremental improvements in everything from health to appearance, until the small changes add up. His approach is to holistically treat the face, rather than focusing on a single feature. As a thought leader for one of the leading medical aesthetics manufacturers, Dr Nestor continues to develop his expertise at the forefront of the industry.

Dr Liesel Holler

Dr Liesel has a background in General Surgery, Cardiothoracic surgery, Intensive Care Medicine & Anaesthetics, in both Sweden and the UK, and completed part of her medical training in her native Peru. Knowing that she had an artistic eye that could be put to a different use, Liesel decided to explore an avenue that combined her medical expertise with her interest in aesthetics and rejuvenation. Having spent the last decade in aesthetics, Dr Liesel is a key opinion leader in the industry and is sought-after for her natural-looking results that enhance both the wellbeing and appearance of her clients.

Dr Sabika Karim

Dr Sabika is a facial aesthetics doctor who knew from a young age that she was born to help people. Training as a GP in London, she went on to specialise in aesthetics, moved by its power to uplift and create immediate, positive change. Now, 14 years later, Sabika has carved a global reputation as an intuitive and highly skilled aesthetic doctor, stating that beyond the awards, her greatest achievement is the trust and loyalty she inspires in her patients. It is this innate understanding of the client as an individual that underpins Sabika’s unique approach.

Dr Marco Nicoloso

Dr Marco has always been passionate about beauty and aesthetic treatments. He passed his medical degree in Trieste in his native Italy, before going on to specialise in gynaecology. Later, Dr Marco enrolled in injectables training in London before deciding to make a permanent move to England and work in aesthetics fulltime. Not a fan of aesthetic trends, Dr Marco is renowned for the natural and subtle looks he creates, from a holistic approach to treating the face, which has gained him a loyal following of clients over the years.

Dr Iman Nurlin

Dr Iman is a facial aesthetic doctor with a background in anaesthesiology and psychiatry. Falling in love with the inherent artistry of facial aesthetics, Iman is known for her holistic approach to facial aesthetics, her respect for nature and her passion to connect wellness and emotional health. She believes that to treat the outer we must also honour the inner. An award-winning doctor, Iman is a key opinion leader, regularly booked for lecturing roles across Europe. Inspired and inspiring, Iman embodies the belief that real beauty is born of balance.

Dr Karim Sayed

Dr Karim is an aesthetics doctor who prides himself on digging deep into the science of ageing to truly understand the mechanics of age-related changes in the skin and how to successfully treat them to achieve a natural look. He is known for creating natural results for both men and women and actively lobbies for tougher regulations in the aesthetics industry in Norway. As a complication expert in Norway, Dr Karim often lends his expertise to fellow practitioners when they encounter problems.

Dr Rashpal Singh

Even from a very young age, Dr Rashpal knew he wanted to be a doctor. After his GP training, Dr Rashpal looked at other areas of medicine where he could help his patients. He trained in facial aesthetics and shadowed other professionals in the industry before opening his own clinic in 2017. As a thought leader for the industry, Dr Rashpal continuously develops and shares his knowledge in the field of facial aesthetics. Dr Rashpal is proud to treat every one of his patients like family and enjoys the relationship-building aspect of his job. His goal is to ensure that all of his patients leave his treatment room with a soft and natural result.

Dr Richard Vikor

Dr Richard has been practising aesthetic medicine for the last 12-years. Before transitioning into aesthetics, Dr Richard’s specialities centred around general practitioning and emergency medicine in hospital. As a leading expert in aesthetics and a trusted complications expert in Sweden, Dr Richard is often called upon for his expertise by his peers when they face their own treatment challenges. His emergency medicine background and straight-talking approach are an excellent combination for creating the natural-looking results he is renowned for.


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