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Breaking the Silence: Future of Womanhood Wellness

Once a hushed subject, menopause is now stepping into the spotlight. Wellness businesses, workplaces, fem-tech and beauty brands are championing this significant life phase. No longer taboo, women are openly sharing their experiences, paving the way for innovative platforms and brands that foster discussion and deepen understanding. At Ouronyx, we recognise the importance of this phase and are committed to supporting our clients through every stage of womanhood. Beyond holistic wellness, we understand the evolving needs of women in the realm of medical aesthetics. Our goal is to provide women with choices, allowing them to optimise their individual path to ageing with aesthetic solutions that resonate with their personal desires and comfort levels. We aim to keep them informed and empowered throughout their journey.

The history of the menopausal transition is one fraught with misinformation and mixed messages. Women often felt sidelined, if not entirely ostracised, by healthcare professionals and policymakers. However, the tide is turning. The silence that once surrounded menopause is lifting as women, with newfound confidence, reclaim their narratives and demand the understanding and attention they deserve. Recognizing this pivotal shift, a plethora of brands and innovators have been at the forefront, catalysing change and driving the conversation forward.

Leading the charge was Holland & Barrett's 2019 Me.No.Pause campaign, spotlighting the myriad menopausal experiences of women. By highlighting the influence of menopause on women's self-identity, femininity and sense of self, Me.No.Pause successfully positioned Holland & Barrett as the premier retailer for authentic advice and natural remedies. In the beauty sector, brands have often sidestepped discussions about the impact of menopause on women’s skin, hair, mood and sex drive. But as the dialogue around ageing becomes more nuanced, there’s an increasing recognition of the synergy between wellness and aesthetics. Brands are now tackling the issue head-on, bridging the gap between health and beauty and offering solutions that address both the internal and external manifestations of menopause.

Leader in home pregnancy and fertility tests, Clearblue, recently entered the menopause sphere. Their Menopause Stage Indicator merges a woman’s urine FSH measurements with her age and cycle details to determine her likely menopause stage. Leah Wood, Clearblue® Brand Director, stated: “Menopause draws 10x the searches compared to fertility but occupies only 25% of the discourse. We aim to embolden women with knowledge, helping them raise their voices and embrace this life phase.” On the fem-tech frontier, the Balance app provides a haven for women to monitor and connect over menopausal symptoms. It aims to bridge the existing educational gap and highlight holistic health and wellbeing during menopause. The workplace, too, is undergoing a paradigm shift. As more women cement their place in the workforce, there's an amplified focus on menopause and its implications—both health-wise and economically. ClearScore, a credit score app is adopting a menopause pledge. This policy offers employees vital support during hormonal changes with perks like paid leave, flexible hours, bi-weekly GP visits, and access to wellness apps like Fertifa and Balance.

As we stand at this watershed moment, it's vital to consider what the future holds. Despite the fact that menopause affects over 50% of the population, many women continue to suffer in silence

Groundbreaking research in epigenetics, stress management and nutritional medicine is reshaping our approach to menopause. Even more exciting, advancements in 3D printing combined with AI and machine learning are on the brink of revolutionising treatments and supplements. Imagine bespoke dosages tailored to an individual's unique needs, ensuring a more personalised approach to health. As we advance, the focus remains clear: championing a proactive, holistic approach to wellbeing, breaking the silence around menopause and leading the way toward a future where every individual gets the customised care they deserve. This shift in perspective goes beyond merely addressing the present; it's about laying down a legacy for the generations to come. Through persistent dialogue, groundbreaking innovation and advocacy, we envision a world where menopause is not just understood but celebrated for the strength and resilience it represents. At Ouronyx, we are excited to be part of this journey, spearheading change and ushering in a new era of menopause wellness that integrates holistic care with the advancements of cutting-edge medical aesthetics.

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