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A Journey To Rediscovering Self

Facial lines and wrinkles not only age your appearance but can also convey a sense of sadness, even if you're not feeling that way. Ageing may cause a downturned mouth, droopy eyebrows, and sagging cheeks, giving the impression of sadness, even when you're happy, impacting you psychologically and physically. A client recently shared these personal concerns, and we would like to share her story.

Nicola recently completed a transformative journey at Ouronyx, her first-time visit unfolds into a story of rejuvenation, exceptional care and newfound confidence. Nicolas’s treatment plan was to address tired-looking eyes, smooth fine lines and improved skin laxity. Nicola underwent a series of treatments that rejuvenated and lifted her appearance, resulting in a more refreshed and revitalised look. Dermal fillers and toxins were used to restore volume in the temples, tear trough, and cheeks, creating a lift around the eyes for a more open and youthful effect. Jawline and chin augmentation was performed to refine the contour and balance of the lower face, leading to enhanced facial definition. To further enhance her overall facial expression, particular attention was given to
addressing a downward-facing smile through the treatment of marionette lines.

Two weeks post treatment Nicola radiates happiness. Looking less tired, restored volume loss in her temples, tear trough and cheeks with brighter and lifted eyes. "Before Ouronyx, it felt like my face was always in a frown, not reflecting my true self. Now, with a gentle lift, softened lines, a renewed firmness—my face mirrors the age I feel inside. I'm radiating happiness and rejuvenation, with a transformation that's more than skin deep. The Ouronyx Medical team's exceptional care made me feel like a celebrity, ensuring comfort and confidence at every step. With their friendly service and meticulous aftercare, I'm eagerly planning my next visit for continued rejuvenation. Thanks to Ouronyx, my reflection now tells a story of joy, and even my husband can't help but notice.”

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