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We carefully selected the most experienced and inspiring team of doctors in the field of facial aesthetics globally. Forming an advisory panel for Ouronyx, the visionary doctors were chosen for their passion and brilliance; helping to set the gold standard for the business and the industry around the world.


The Panel

Dr Iman Nurlin

Dr Iman is a facial aesthetic doctor with a background in anaesthesiology and psychiatry. Falling in love with the inherent artistry of facial aesthetics, Iman is known for her holistic approach to facial aesthetics, her respect for nature and her passion to connect wellness and emotional health. She believes that to treat the outer we must also honour the inner. An award-winning doctor, Iman is a key opinion leader, regularly booked for lecturing roles across Europe. Inspired and inspiring, Iman embodies the belief that real beauty is born of balance.

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Dr Sabika Karim

Dr Sabika is a facial aesthetics doctor who knew from a young age that she was born to help people. Training as a GP in London, she went on to specialise in aesthetics, moved by its power to uplift and create immediate, positive change. Now, 14 years later, Sabika has carved a global reputation as an intuitive and highly skilled aesthetic doctor, stating that beyond the awards, her greatest achievement is the trust and loyalty she inspires in her patients. It is this innate understanding of the client as an individual that underpins Sabika’s unique approach.

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Dr Raj Acquilla

Dr Raj is an accomplished trainer in the world of facial aesthetics. Raj’s signature approach aims to make a person more ‘mathematically beautiful’ and to bring light and dimension to the face in powerfully positive ways.

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